Oil Paintings - Figurative Art

01 family 220x350cm02 prince 220x250cm03 girl 350x220cm04 nelly 220x180cmBlumen 120x150cmFamilyGirondins IGirondins IIGirondins IIIGirondins IVJuneLa vie en rose l 340x220cmLa vie en rose ll 120x120cmLa vie en rose lll 120x120cmLila mens world ILila mens world IILila mens world IIILila mens world IVLila mens world VI Lila mens world VIILila mens world VIIIMasks IIMystic people IMystic people IIMystic people IIINever stop feelingPowerPrinceRedskinRichySexy friend Iflowers1 70x70flowers2 80x80flowers3 40x40flowers4 150x150flowers5 70x70flowers6 120x120hochzeitsgesellschaft 180x180red dress 120x150

Oil Paintings - Abstract Art

01 wedding dress 180x180cm02 bag 40x40cm03 ice 40x40cm04 luck 40x50cm05 last present 40x50cm06 shoes II 130x100cm07 shoes I 130x100cm08 red lion 110x100cm09 red cherries 130x100cmEinarmige Fliege begegnet StierFields IIFormenGet on your shoes IGet on your shoes IIGreenHelloLove LetterOneSome friends runningTwo Lousy LoversUntil we came along this roadWomenWrapped LionYou will never know how I small


01 two girls 100x180cm02 june 100x180cm03 jm 130x130cm04 highgraff 130x130cm05 flying man 180x100cm06 passion 190x120cm07 hochzaitsnuecht III 190x120cm08 hochzaitsnuecht II 190x120cm09 hochzaitsnuecht I 190x120cm10 freedom 190x120cm11 foreign girls 190x120cm12 fly away 190c120cm13 fish and friends 190x120cm14 cherries 190x120cmBegegnung IBegegnung IIBoringDate with Mad IDate with Mad IIDate with Mad IIIDirty Days IDirty Days IIGet on your shoesGreenMystic Ways IMystic Ways IIMystic Ways IIIOne IOne IIOpen Season IOpen Season IIOpen Season IIIStoneTimeless ITimeless IITimeless IIITraumfabrik ITraumfabrik IITryptiqueUntitledWarten auf die UeberraschungWie Motten das LichtZeugendevils door Idevils door IIdevils door IIIfriends 69x90meet me on mars1 69x90meet me on mars2 69x90


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